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Best Photos of 2018
Posted: December 31

At the end of each calendar year I go through the photos I have taken during the year to identify those I think are my best efforts.

If you would like to view the Best Photos of the Year from previous years, click here.


Scharff's XMas Gathering
Posted: December 24

I was invited to attend the annual Jim & Tiffany Scharff Christmas gathering this evening. Lots of folks and everyone seemed to have a terrific time.


Alberts XMas Gathering
Posted: December 15

I was invited to attend the annual Alberts family Christmas gathering this evening. Every one had a terrific time. We all were disappointed that Shari's mother was under the weather and could not attend.


Tiffany Scharff's Birthday Bash
Posted: October 14

Today family and friends gathered to celebrate the birthday of Tiffany Scharff. Everyone had a great time!

Ben & Martha's Birthday Party
Posted: September 22

Today family and friends gathered to celebrate the birthday's of Ben and Martha Scharff. Everyone had a great time!

Hattie's Birthday Party
Posted: September 15

Today friends and family gathered to celebrate Hattie Scharff's eighth birthday. Everyone had a great time especially the birthday girl!

Colorado National Monument
Posted: September 04

I suggested that the Jim Scharff family take this route on their way from their place in Granby Colorado to Moab Utah.

As I had never been there either, Rick Schuessler and I decided to drive this loop as sundown approached. This is not a road for the faint of heart as it is very scenic as well as windy with huge drop offs... hard to concentrate on both at the same time. If we were to do this road again, we decided that it would feel safer driving it in a west to east direction.

YouTube video of drive through the Monument

Colorado Highway 550
Posted: September 04

It had been quite a few years since I had driven this road which runs from Durango Colorado to Grand Junction Colorado. Along the way we stopped in Silverton for lunch. The road also passes through Ouray Colorado.

For those who do not know, there is a narrow gauge, steam powered railroad that runs from Durango to Silverton and back. Silverton is a very picturesque little town.

To my recollection, this drive used to be referred to as "The Million Dollar Highway" although we saw no such signage to confirm this.

YouTube video of drive from Silverton to Ouray Colorado

Utah Highway 128
Posted: September 03

On my last visit to the Moab area in 2016, I discovered Highway 128. It follows the Colorado River and is very scenic. Rick Schuessler and I took this drive as sunset was approaching in order to catch some nice light.

If you ever visit Moab, I would classify this drive as a MUST DO.

Canyonlands National Park
Posted: September 03

After visiting Dead Horse Point State Park, Rick Schuessler and I drove on to Canyonlands National Park for the remainder of our afternoon.

Dead Horse Point State Park
Posted: September 03

This area is one of my favorites when I visit the Moab area. This can be combined with a visit to Canyonlands National Park.

The overlook pictured above is very, very scenic.

Arches National Park
Posted: September 02

We left Driggs around 9:00 AM to drive to Moab where we were scheduled to spend two nights. Lunch was at In N Out in Salt Lake City.

We planned our arrival in the Moab area so that we could do a little bit of sunset photography. We only had time to shoot Double Arch (above) and some of the surrounding area.

Grand Teton National Park
Posted: August 31

Before Rick Schuessler arrived, I was very, very concerned we would be able to take any decent photos of the landscape variety. Bad haze conditions due to the many western wildfires has prevented much of a view of the mountains for the last 1-1/2 months.

- More -

Snake River Float
Posted: August 30

For a number of years, my friend Chris Conant, who guides on the South Fork of the Snake River, has said he would take me on a float so I could take photos of beautiful Fall Creek Falls from a river perspective. Well today was finally the day.

- More -

Camas & Mud Lake Wildlife Refuge
Posted: August 29

Rick Schuessler and I visited these two refuges today. The weather was fantastic.

At Camas, the ponds were almost non-existent compared to my visit at the end of July. Where there was water, one could see the birds standing on the bottom of the pond while feeding.

Two highlights of the day: a pair of Great Blue Herons and a Rough-Legged Hawk (I think) perched on a post with it's mouse dinner.

Bluegrass Festival
Posted: August 12

The weather is quite hot so I did not go to Bluegrass at all on Friday. I went for the last three performers on Saturday when it was a bit cooler. I also skipped all of Sunday's performances.

Music on Main
Posted: August 02

Tonight's Music on Main was good as usual. Both bands were good. The main performer was Hot Club of Cowtown. Their music was very danceable so that's what many folks did.

Camas Wildlife Refuge
Posted: July 31

I discovered this on the Web. It is located about a 1-1/2 hours drive from Driggs. I had previously visited Gray's Lake National Wildlife Refuge a few years ago and was not overly impressed. Camas was impressive especially for the large amount of birds that can be seen there.

Music on Main
Posted: July 26

This night's Music on Main had perhaps the largest attendance ever. This is probably due to the musical guest March Fourth Marching Band. They are a great band and great entertainers.

The couple pictured above is my good friend Christopher Conant and his fiancée Becca.

Music on Main
Posted: July 19

This night's Music on Main was well attended. The musical guest was Amy Helm.

The young lady on the right is from Traverse City, MI. She played volleyball at Grand Valley in Grand Rapids.

Targhee Fest
Posted: July 15

This year's Targhee Fest was fantastic yet a bit on the warm side.

The highlight for me was Karl Denson performing a tribute to the Allman Brothers.

Music on Main
Posted: July 12

This night's Music on Main was well attended The musical guest was Calle Mambo.

Milky Way plus the Following Morning
Posted: July 12

Went down to Swan Valley again for the Milky Way. This time I was the only photographer there. I used my light to illuminate the schoolhouse from my shooting location. I seemed to have the best luck with the light on its lowest setting lit for about 2/3 of the time the shutter was open.

I once again slept in my car and got some more photos as the sun was coming up.

Music on Main
Posted: July 05

Betsy, Bruce and I attended Music on Main tonight. Music on Main is one of the things they look forward to when they visit Driggs. The musical guest was Kitchen Dwellers.

Fourth of July Parade
Posted: July 04

The parade in Victor was pretty good again this year. It was the first time Bruce & Betsy Canaga had been here for the parade.

Music on Main
Posted: June 28

This was the second Music on Main of the summer. The musical guest was Orgone. Their singer had quite the set of "pipes".

Posted: June 23

I woke up this morning to some nice clouds so I decided to head over to Grand Teton National Park to catch some photo ops.

After lunch I headed down to visit my friends John & Kathy Qualy at their new home in Snake River Sporting Club. Very nice place!

Music on Main
Posted: June 21

This was the first Music on Main of the summer. Great turnout of music lovers and "socializers". The musical guest was John Fulbright.

Milky Way plus the Following Morning
Posted: June 14

Last night I drove down to Swan Valley for my first ever Milky Way shoot. As I was getting setup, another photographer (Bob Seidel from Idaho Falls) arrived. Bob is an experienced Milky Way photographer so it was nice to have a knowledgeable person on hand.

- More -

The Other Schwabacher
Posted: June 10

Last fall, Rick Schuessler and I explored the other trail at Schwabacher Landing and agreed it was "do-again-able".

This morning I awoke to clouds in the sky and headed over to Grand Teton National Park for a day of photography.

Zion National Park
Posted: May 30

When I went through Zion two years age, I somehow deleted this photo. My main objective in returning to Zion was to recapture this photo. Many folks on the bridge with the same objective.

Bryce Canyon National Park
Posted: May 30

We only spent a couple of hours in Bryce on the way from Escalante to Zion.

Kodachrome State Park
Posted: May 29

We took a late afternoon/early evening hike in Kodachrome State Park.

Utah Highway 12
Posted: May 29

After Devils Garden we decided to take a scenic drive from Escalante to Boulder Utah. I think Highway 12 is one of the most scenic drives I have ever been on.

Devil's Garden
Posted: May 29

Devils Garden was very nice. We spent quite a bit of time wandering around and taking photos.

Cottonwood Canyon Road
Posted: May 29

The drive from Page AZ to Escalante UT along Cottonwood Canyon Road was spectacular... one great view after another. The road is an unpaved road and should not be attempted during or right after a rain.

Highway 89
Posted: May 26

We had very nice clouds today.

Monument Valley
Posted: May 26

This was one of the destinations I was really looking forward to visiting. It did not "grab" me like I thought it would. Been there. Done that.

To be honest, there were NO clouds to improve the look of the photos I took.

YouTube video of Monument Valley

Utah Highway 89-89A
Posted: May 26

We did this loop from Page Arizona to Kanab Utah and back to Page.

Great Sand Dunes National Park
Posted: May 24

We had not planed to visit this National Park but since it was only 17 miles off the road we were traveling, why not?

YouTube video

St. Louis Zoo
Posted: May 05

The zoo has some new arrivals. I went to view the new cheetah cubs. They went on display yesterday for the first time.

Missouri Botanical Garden
Posted: April 28

I spent the morning at the Garden. The weather was spectacular and many folks were there.

St. Louis Zoo
Posted: January 18

We had a bit of a break in our cold weather today so I thought I would go visit my "relatives" at the Primate House at the Zoo.

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