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Best Photos of 2017
Posted: December 31

At the end of each calendar year I go through the photos I have taken during the year to identify those I think are my best efforts.

If you would like to view the Best Photos of the Year from previous years, click here.


6 Places to Capture Incredible Landscapes in GTNP
Posted: November 24

I ran across this article and thought it worthwhile sharing and archiving here.

Searching for Fall Colors
Posted: October 22

I went on a scouting trip to Forest Park today in search of fall colors. No where near peak colors as yet but I took a few record shots.

Emma Scharff Birthday Party
Posted: October 08

Bob & Martha Scharff hosted a birthday party for their grand daughter Emma who turned 14 today. A lot of family were in attendance.

St. Louis Zoo
Posted: October 02

I have not been to our Zoo since April 26, 2016 due to my hip problems so it was nice to be able to visit once again.

There were a number of new exhibits I had not seen before. The Grizzly exhibit was nice but it is a challenge to take photos through the glass viewing areas but glass seems to be the new norm for exhibits now.

Alli Alberts Bridal Shower
Posted: September 09

I was the official photographer at Alli Alberts' bridal shower today... and the only guy in attendance!

Badlands National  Park
Posted: September 09

Rick Schuessler and I took a brief detour on our drive back to St. Louis.

We stopped in Badlands National Park for a sunset shoot on Wednesday evening and a sunrise/early morning shoot on Thursday morning.

The clouds were very cooperative both times!

Sunrise at Schwabacher
Posted: August 27

Rick Schuessler and I did a sunrise shoot at Schwabacher Landing today.

We left the house just after 5 AM planning to arrive at Schwabacher for a 6:45 AM sunrise. We arrived at the parking lot around 6:20 AM. The parking lot was mostly full but we got pretty much the last space. Most of the folks were set up a short distance from the parking lot but we continued on to our location next to the beaver pond.

 Schwabacher Landing
Posted: August 25

Rick & Dawn Schuessler and I took a drive over to Grand Teton National Park today. I took photos at Schwabacher Landing and at the Snake River Overlook. The clouds were nice.

 Teton Valley
Posted: August 24

Rick & Dawn Schuessler and I took a drive up to around Felt to drive the road that Rodney Henry had introduced me to earlier this summer.

The clouds were nice so we took some photos.

 Bluegrass Festival
Posted: August 14

This weekend was the 30th annual Bluegrass Festival at Grand Targhee. The Festival was very well attended all three days.

The performers were a mix of established acts along with newcomers who were quite good as well:

Infamous Stringdusters, Sam Bush, Railroad Earth, Tim O'Brien, Del McCoury and Willie Watson.

 Music on Main
Posted: August 10

I attended the last Music on Main of the season tonight. The musical guest was Laney Jones & the Spirits. They were quite good.

 The Story of Two Claire's
Posted: August 04

Last night at Music on Main I met two delightful young ladies. They are both name Claire!

 Music on Main
Posted: August 03

Bruce Canaga and I attended Music on Main tonight. The musical guest was Motet who played earlier in the summer at Targhee Fest.

It was a very "target rich" environment for photos!

South Fork Teton Canyon
Posted: August 01

Bruce Canaga and I hiked the South Fork of Teton Canyon today. The wildflowers were very nice today.

Lavender Farm
Posted: July 26

There is a farm just north of Teton Idaho that grows lavender and sells products made from that lavender.

I have contemplated going there to take photos for sometime now but it is forty miles from Driggs. I became inspired to make the trek after running across another photographer's photos of lavender fields on line.

Bears. Did Someone Say Bears?
Posted: July 23

Today Rich Byniarksi and I took a hike along String and Leigh Lakes. I brought my camera and was not taking any photos. On our way back on the trail, we spied a mother bear and her cub. Normally you see them in the foliage foraging for food and you don't get much of a photo. This time they were more in the open and were also on the trail giving me a pretty clear shot of them.

Music on Main
Posted: July 20

Tonight was the fifth Music on Main of this summer. The musical group was Andy Frasco a popular group with the locals. They were really good and the audience was really into them.

Face Painting
Posted: July 18

At the music events I attend and Raptor Fest, there are artists who will paint the faces of kids in attendance. Based on various comments folks have made about my blog posts this summer, it seems that the photos of kids with their faces painted are pretty popular.

Targhee Fest
Posted: July 16

Targhee Fest this year was well attended and featured some very good bands. The best one was Booker T. He put on an absolutely amazing performance.

Some of the notable performers were:

Karl Denson, Lukas Nelson, Motet, Donna and the Buffalo and Booker T.

Music on Main
Posted: July 06

Tonight was the third Music on Main of this summer. The musical group, Driftwood, was a ????? group. The opening act was from Nashville... Troubadour 77. The event was very well attended.

Fourth of July Fireworks
Posted: July 04

We attended the Driggs Fourth of July Fireworks display this evening. As usual, it was quite good but with a bit of a twist on the grand finale. Most of the finale was lower to the ground than usual. Not a lot of the "kaboom's" I like so well.

I thought I would give it a go and attempt some photos this year.

Teton Valley
Posted: July 01

My good friend Rodney Henry was going for a ride in his dune buggy in Teton Valley north of Tetonia and offered to take me along. We covered many roads that I had never been on before. Some of them could be driven in a passenger car but some of them, NO WAY.

Music on Main
Posted: June 29

Tonight was the second Music on Main of this summer. The musical group, Hot Buttered Rum, was a bluegrass group and was quite good. It was pretty cold so I did not stay for the whole concert.

Pictured at left is McKenzie Reed back from her first year of college at Lawrence University posing for the camera.

Teton County Rodeo
Posted: June 23

I had not been to the Friday night Rodeo in Teton Valley for quite some time. Some friends were going and invited me to join them. We all had a great evening!

Music on Main
Posted: June 22

Tonight was the first Music on Main of this summer. The musical group, Dirty Revival, was a bit to "hip-hop" for my tastes.

Pictured at left are my friends John Henry and wife Ashley. John Henry grew up in Belleville, IL and his parents are friends of the Odenwald's.

Raptor Fest
Posted: June 18

Raptor Fest was held in Jackson this year on the Snow King softball fields. As usual, it was very well attended.

Hay Bale Photo - Black & White Interpretations
Posted: June 18

Rainy day today so not much I can do outside.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the photo I took of the hay bales on June 9. So I decided to try some B&W interpretations of it using Topaz B&W and Nik Silver Efex.

Along Highway 32
Posted: June 11

I enjoyed the photo session on Highway 33 so I decided to try Highway 32 today. This is the scenic road we drive when we go to Yellowstone for the day.

The clouds were once again very nice today.

Along Highway 33
Posted: June 09

I had taken a drive up Highway 33 yesterday with my good friend Rodney Henry to do some shopping in Rexburg ID. On that drive, I spotted some compositions I wanted to work on. Today had some great clouds so I drove Highway 33 in hopes of catching some nice photos.

Afternoon in Grand Teton National Park
Posted: June 06

After dropping off my guests at the airport, I visited Schwabacher Landing and Mormon Row to take some photos with snow in the mountains.

Yellowstone Teton National Park
Posted: June 06

My visitors, Steve & Kathy Odenwald and Steve's aunt Josie visited Yellowstone National Park. This was Josie's first visit to the Park and the word "amazing" was uttered by her the whole 15 hour day.

Drive Out
Posted: June 06

Steve Odenwald and I once again drove out to Driggs together.

We decided to take 2-1/2 days for the drive instead of the usual 1-1/2 days in case I experienced any problems with my hip replacement. No problems with the hip and we decided that this was a much better approach to the trip.

The extra day was used to explore the Snowy Range west of Laramie Wyoming. My previous visit to that area was in the Fall. This time I wanted to photograph it with snow in the mountains. As you can see below, there was quite a bit of snow.

How to Photograph a Solar Eclipse
Posted: April 15

On August 21 of this year, we will experience a total solar eclipse. Driggs Idaho is on the prime path of this celestial event and I have some friends who will be visiting during that time to view the event.

I ran across this informative article that covers the topic of photographing this event.

Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis
Posted: February 02

Today I decided I would go to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis on Lindell Blvd. I am not really sure if I have ever been inside this building before but I am positive I have never taken photos there.

I took my Canon 5D IV camera and two lenses... the 135 f/2 and the 24-70 f/2.8. After taking one or two shots with the 135, I quickly switched to the 24-70 to capture a wider field of view. I shot at ISO 12,800 to get a faster shutter speed. I took most of the shots on my tripod.

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