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Little Rock - Heaston Visit
Posted: February 05, 2019
This past weekend I visited my good friends Bill and Jane Heaston in Little Rock AR.

It was a fantastic weekend filled with basketball, Super Bowl, old friends, new friends, many laughs and copious quantities of food.

This was also the first time I met Brecon, their one year old Corgi. Quite the people dog.

The photo is of Little Rock's Central High School... a national landmark. This is the first school integrated in 1957. These students became known as the Little Rock Nine.
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Monument Valley
Posted: May 26, 2018
This was one of the destinations I was really looking forward to visiting. It did not "grab" me like I thought it would. Been there. Done that.

To be honest, there were NO clouds to improve the look of the photos I took.
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Posted: October 17, 2016
I was in Chicago over the weekend to attend Matt Odenwald's wedding. While I was there I stayed with Alli Alberts and her fiancée Doug,

Alli wanted me to take some photos of the newly engaged couple at a number of locations around town.
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New Harmony Indiana
Posted: March 1, 2015
On the way back from Crestview Hills, KY we stopped by New Harmony to see the town and take some photos.
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Cincinnati, Ohio
Posted: March 1, 2015
Cincinnati, OH is just across the Ohio River from Kentucky so we decided to kill some time and take some photos of Cincinnati as I had never visited before.
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Posted: November 11, 2011
I was in Chicago over the weekend following my Lady Bears volleyball team as they competed in the NCAA Regional tournament.
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Navarre Beach Florida
Posted: January 31, 2010
My good friends Dave & Tonya Ferguson invited me to join them at Navarre Beach (near Pensacola) where they spend their winter months. I don't know if you have ever visited the Florida panhandle but it has some of the prettiest sand I have ever seen.
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Florida Keys
Posted: January 17, 2008
I had visited some friends who live in Boca West and afterwards decided to drive down to the Keys. This was my first visit.
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Ennis, Montana
Posted: July 11, 2006
My visitors this week are my good friends Bill & Jane Heaston from Little Rock.

We decided that we would visit Ennis, MT on a down day from hiking. On the way there, we passed by a large group of folks who were on bicycles and one person on a unicycle. On the way back to Driggs, the unicycle person was still at it.
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New England Trip
Posted: November 2005
The Wash U. Lady Bears volleyball team was playing in their conference championship at Brandeis University. I decided to follow them and to visit with my good friends Sam & Sue Boutin who live in Plymouth, MA.
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South Beach
Posted: January 08, 2005
While visiting my good friends John & Teri Mason at their home in Boca Raton, we decided to make a trip down to South Beach. This was my first ever visit to South Beach. Nice area.
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