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Best Photos of the Year
Posted: December 31

At the end of each calendar year I go through the photos I have taken during the year to identify those I think are my best efforts. This was not a good year for landscape photography in the Tetons as we had forest fire smoke conditions virtually all summer long.

Offseting the poor photographic opportunities in the Tetons, at least I was able to take some nice photos in St. Louis during the spring and fall months, experience Factory Butte in southern Utah for the first time in May on the way out and revisit one of my favorite locations for photography... Badlands NP... on the return trip to St. Louis.

I shot mostly with my Canon R5 mirrorless camera this year. Due to its in-body image stabilization, I mostly shot hand held. I don't know if that will be my norm going forward but it seemed to work out pretty well.


Forest Park
Posted: December 10

When I woke up this morning we had foggy conditions so I decided to visit some of my favorite Forest Park locations to capture some "moody" images. The conditions weren't as foggy as I had hoped but I believe I got some decent captures for my efforts.


Lafayette Square
Posted: November 16

I had lunch (meatloaf) at Sqwires with the Quirk's and Mary Strope. After lunch, I did some photography in the Lafayette Square area. There are some really photogenic homes in the area as well as Lafayette Park. After my last fall photo outing, I thought fall colors were trending "past peak". Boy was I wrong!


Missouri Highway 19
Posted: November 11

First time ever driving Missouri Highway 19 south from Cuba, MO. Colors seemed to be mostly "past peak".


Tower Grove Park
Posted: November 10

After lunch, I went to Tower Grove Park to check out the fall colors. Things seemed close to "peak".


Fall Colors
Posted: November 09

After lunch, I went to Forest Park to check out the fall colors. Things seemed close to "peak".


Shaw Nature Reserve
Posted: November 08

Rick Schuessler and I decided to hit Shaw Nature Reserve today to catch some fall colors. We certainly did not expect to be treated to such WONDERFUL clouds. They were simply quite spectacular.


Emma Scharff Senior Photos
Posted: November 07

Today I went back to the Sandy Creek Park covered bridge to take Senior photos of Emma Scharff. Mother Tiffany was the "studio director" and sister Lily was the hair and makeup artist. My function was to point the camera and depress the shutter button.


Highway 21
Posted: November 04

Another day on my quest for Fall colors. This time I dove Highway 21 south from St. Louis. These photos were taken at the Sandy Creek Covered Bridge State Historic Site.


Tower Grove Park
Posted: November 03

Another day on my quest for Fall colors. This time in Tower Grove Park. I believe this is park is the prettiest in all of St. Louis. Others may not agree but that's my take.


St. Charles County
Posted: November 02

Went looking for Fall colors in St. Charles County... Augusta & Busch Wildlife. Colors are not peak as yet but it was a nice outing.


St. Louis Art Walk
Posted: October 25

There is a two mile stretch along the Mississippi River where artists paint murals on the levee walls. Many are very good. This was my second time visiting. From memory, it seems that their are many new murals.

I then drove through the Lemp neighborhood of downtown to catch a few snaps.


Emma Scharff's 18th Birthday Celebration
Posted: October 11

We gathered together to celebrate Miss Emma's 18th birthday this evening. A good time was had by all especially the birthday girl.


Badlands National Park
Posted: September 18

Rick Schuessler and I are in Badlands National Park for a few days on our way back to St. Louis.


Glacier National Park
Posted: September 16

Rick Schuessler and I drove the Going to the Sun Road in Glacier National Park today.

We both agreed that much like Rocky National Park, it is difficult to get outstanding photos along the main park road. The scenery is too vast to be adequately captured by a camera.


Craters of the Moon National Reserve
Posted: September 05

Today Mary & I visited Craters of the Moon.

On the way back, we stopped in Arco and had a fantastic meatball sub sandwich.


Yellowstone National Park
Posted: September 04

Today Mary & I visited Yellowstone National Park. We went to the Mammoth Hot Springs area which I normally don't do.

So glad we did as I got some nice photos.


Grand Teton National Park
Posted: September 01

Went to Grand Teton National Park today with my good friend Mary Lacy. We first visited Schwabacher Landing but were not able to complete the whole hike due to trail restoration.

We then hiked to Hedrick Pond.


Teton Valley
Posted: August 26

I decided to further explore some more roads that head west from Highway 33. The skies were nowhere as clear as yesterday but I persevered in my quest!


Teton Valley
Posted: August 25

Today was a nice day weather wise and the smoke situation was quite a bit better. I decided to get out of the house and snap a few photos. The photos are sort of a hodge podge of subjects.

I drove 5000 South to the point where it dead ends at the Teton River and took quite a few photos along the drive. In the evening, I was on a Zoom meet up with the Teton Photography Club and I happened to look out my window around sunset. It looked like it was going to be a nice one, so I broke away from the meeting for a bit to capture some sunset photos outside my front door.


Music on Main
Posted: August 12

This was the last Music on Main of the summer (and it didn't rain). My visiting guest Ted Roche joined me on this outing. Pictured above is my good friend Jess Collins (left). This was only the second time we had seen each other this summer and had some catching up to do.


Music on Main
Posted: August 05

Another rainy Music on Main tonight. Pictured above is the birthday girl Robin Mill (far left) and the Fab Four plus One.


Casa Budde West Sunset
Posted: July 21

We had some pretty nice clouds at sunset last night so I decided to break out my camera to catch a few snaps.


Curtis Canyon
Posted: July 17

The Teton Photography Club had a social/photo event at the Curtis Canyon Overlook. This was my first time visiting that location. The skies were very, very hazy as you can tell from these photos but it looks like a do-again-able location to return to in the future.

This is the first time the club has had an in person meet-up since COVID began.


Music on Main
Posted: July 15

The weather was a bit funky tonight so I only stayed for the first musical group.

Pretty good crowd considering the weather.


Music on Main
Posted: July 08

This was my first Music on Main of the summer. I didn't get around to taking many photos as I ran into my good friend Julie Reggio (pictured above) whom I have not seen for two years. We had a lot of catching up to do!

The last number of photos were taken when it was pretty dark at ISO 16,000. They are noisy when enlarged but look pretty good here at the smaller sizes.

Large crowd on hand. The band was the Young Dubliners.


Factory Butte
Posted: May 30

The next morning we went to Factory Butte for some sunrise photos.


Factory Butte
Posted: May 29

We drove from Denver to Hanksville Utah today with a stop in Vail to have lunch with former Wash U volleyball player Anna Byniarski. Once in Hanksville, we went to Factory Butte for a sundown shoot.


Emma Scharff Soccer - Clayton
Posted: April 08

Went to see Emma play soccer against Clayton on the U City field.

These shots were all taken hand-held with the Tamron 150-600mm lens.


Tower Grove Park
Posted: April 07



Forest Park
Posted: April 05

Beautiful 80 degree afternoon, so I decided to make a trip to Forest Park and capture some Spring landscapes.

These shots were all taken hand-held.


Forest Park
Posted: January 13

The temperature was in the 50's and I had not done any photography this year so I decided to go to Forest Park for a bit. My goal was to capture the stark look of the trees without leaves.

These shots were all taken hand-held.

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