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Best Photos of 2005
Posted: December 29
These photos represent my choice of the best photos I have taken this year.

New England
Posted: November
The Wash U. Lady Bears volleyball team was playing in their conference championship at Brandeis University. I decided to follow them and to visit with my good friends Sam & Sue Boutin who live in Plymouth, MA.

Grand Teton National Park
Posted: September 02
My good friends Mike & Judy Quirk and I visited Mormon Row today. The buffalo were out in force providing a beautiful background for some photos.

Grand Teton National Park
Posted: August 31
Mike & Judy Quirk and I hiked the String-Leigh Lake trail today.

Grand Targhee
Posted: August 25
The Ferguson's, Wright's and I went to Grand Targhee Ski & Summer Resort and took the lift to the top of Fred's Mountain to enjoy the view.

Yellowstone National Park
Posted: August 23
The Ferguson's, Wright's and I went to Yellowstone National Park today.

Grand Teton National Park
Posted: August 21
My visitors this week are Dave & Tonya Ferguson and Denver & Charlene Wright.

Today we took the String-Leigh Lake hike in Grand Teton National Park.

South Fork Teton Canyon
Posted: August 13
I had dinner last night with John and his family at The Blue Lion in Jackson. They are staying for a bit on the Jackson side so I invited them over to Driggs for the day.

My plan was to take the ski lift ride at Grand Targhee but access to Targhee was shut down due to the Bluegrass Festival. Instead we decided to hike the South Fork of Teton Canyon.

John's daughter Madison and her friend Jillian were able to see a moose.

After the hike, we spent some time at Casa Budde West. Kathy had talked John into renting a camper for their "adventure". I sensed that John was not totally on board with the idea. Hint: while in Jackson they stayed at the Ritz Carlton at Teton Village.

Kathy asked me to help her setup the tent so she would be sure it would work for their adventure. Alas, she forgot the poles. John was so happy that he was not going to have to sleep in that tent.

Grand Teton National Park
Posted: August 07
Today we went over to Grand Teton National Park for some sunrise photos.

Posted: August 06
Paul Meyer, Chris Graham and I decided to hike to 9943 today.

As we were leaving to return to Grand Targhee, a wedding party showed up... along with their dogs.

Just before the ceremony started the bride asked everyone to turn away as she had to pee.

South Fork Teton Canyon
Posted: August 04
Went to the South Fork of Teton Canyon today to hike.

Grand Targhee
Posted: July 25
Took the ski lift up to the top of Fred's Mountain with Bill & Jane Heaston and Oren & Connie Farkas.

Teton Valley Idaho
Posted: July 15
Took a swing up to Lower Mesa Falls and around Teton Valley today.

St. Louis Zoo
Posted: January 25
I took a day to do photography at the St. Louis Zoo.

South Beach
Posted: January 08
While visiting my good friends John & Teri Mason at their home in Boca Raton, we decided to make a trip down to South Beach. This was my first ever visit to South Beach. Nice area.

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