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Best Photos of 2006
Posted: December 31
These photos represent my choice of the best photos I have taken this year.

St. Louis Zoo
Posted: November 28
Went to the St. Louis Zoo today. Not much going on but I did manage to capture this photo.

Forest Park 
Posted: November 01 
I went to Forest Park today to enjoy some fall colors.

While there I ran into my godson Jim Scharff and his family who were involved in a private photo shoot. I stood in the background and snapped a few photos as well.

Highway 287 
Posted: September 30 
These photos were taken on the drive back from Driggs. I don't usually drive Highway 287 on the way back.

We happened upon an area just off the highway where a herd on antelope were active.

Grand Teton National Park 
Posted: September 27 
I am usually not out west this long but had to remain longer to make sure the repair of my broken wrist was healed enough that the surgeon would allow me to leave the area.

This allowed me to experience and photograph fall colors in the Tetons. I was able to capture the third photo on the "More photos" page. I think that it is my best landscape photo ever!

Swan Valley 
Posted: September 24 
It was nice to be able to see and photograph the fall colors in Swan Valley. 

Grand Teton National Park 
Posted: September 19 
Got some nice photos of these antelope at Antelope Flats. 

Grand Teton National Park 
Posted: September 11 
Did a bit of a Grand Teton National Park outing today. 

Swan Valley 
Posted: September 08 
Drove down to the Swan Valley area today and explored Fall Creek Road.

This area has some active thermal stuff going on. That was a surprise to me but subsequently talking to a ranger in Yellowstone found out that this is fairly common in this part of the country.

Schwabacher Landing 
Posted: August 20 
Went to visit Schwabacher Landing today with my good friends Bruce & Betsy Canaga from Virginia. 

Grand Teton National Park 
Posted: August 13 
Went to visit Grand Teton National Park with my good friends from Vermont Don and Carol McIntosh. 

Grand Teton National Park 
Posted: August 02 
My visitors this week are the Quirk family... Mike & Judy and their two kids Jim & Liz. 

Grand Teton National Park 
Posted: July 12
 Bill, Jane and I hiked in Grand Teton National Park today. 

Ennis Montana 
Posted: July 11 
My visitors this week are my good friends Bill & Jane Heaston from Little Rock.

We decided that we would visit Ennis, MT on a down day from hiking. On the way there, we passed by a large group of folks who were on bicycles and one person on a unicycle. On the way back to Driggs, the unicycle person was still at it.

Darby Canyon 
Posted: July 02 
We hiked Darby Canyon today. Pictured above are my good friends Gabe & Hilda Callol. 

Dinner at Inn Lost Horizon 
Posted: July 01 
My favorite place to eat is the Lost Horizon Inn. It is owned and operated by my close friends Chuck & Shigeko Irwin. I try to take most of my guests there during their visit. 

Grand Teton National Park 
Posted: June 29 
My visitors this week are my good friends Gabe & Hilda Callol. This was their first trip to the Tetons. 

North Fork Teton Canyon 
Posted: June 22 
I did a hike of the North Fork of Teton Canyon today. 

Casa Budde West 
Posted: June 20 
Decided to take some photos around Casa Budde West today. 

Schwabacher Landing 
Posted: June 13 
Went to Schwabacher Landing today. 

South Fork Teton Canyon 
Posted: June 11 
Steve Odenwald rode out with me and we decided to take our first hike in the South Fork of Teton Canyon.

This waterfall is about 1/3 mile from the parking lot.

Forest Park 
Posted: May 29 
Went to Forest Park today. 

Forest Park 
Posted: May 21 
A spring day in Forest Park. 

St. Louis Zoo 
Posted: May 19 
I had not been to the St./ Louis Zoo in awhile so I ventured out for a nice spring day of enjoying the zoo. 

Forest Park 
Posted: May 17 
Spring in Forest Park. 

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