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Driggs Fireworks
Posted: July 04, 2019
DUMB LUCK. I often say that my life has been governed by Dumb Luck. Well proven correct once again.

For several days prior to the Fourth, I scoured Driggs to attempt to find the location of the launch of this year's fireworks so that I could plan where I wanted to set up my camera to take photos. Try as I could, I could not find the location. I was told by someone in the City of Driggs office that it was somewhere around the airport. Tried again but did not find it.

Ok so night of the fireworks I went to a location that would give me a clear sight line to the airport and the surrounding areas. Set up my camera on my tripod waiting for the show to begin. Never on time I waited.

All of a sudden the show started. Lo and behold, my vantage point was no more than 100 yards from the location of the launch. Can you say DUMB LUCK?
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Fourth of July Fireworks
Posted: July 04, 2017
We attended the Driggs Fourth of July Fireworks display this evening. As usual, it was quite good but with a bit of a twist on the grand finale. Most of the finale was lower to the ground than usual. Not a lot of the "kabooms" I like so well.

I thought I would give it a go and attempt some photos this year.
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Fireworks at Huntsman Springs
Posted: June 29, 2013
Yeah. I know it isn't The Fourth yet. The Huntsman Springs folks who put on our fireworks here in Teton Valley insist that it happen the weekend before the Fourth.
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