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best photos of 2015
Posted: December 31
These photos represent my choice of the best photos I have taken this year.
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B&W Photos of the Tetons
Posted: November 21
I have taken a number of photos in Grand Teton National Park over the years and, even though I liked them in color, I decided to try them in black and white.
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fall colors
Posted: October 25
Rick Scheussler and I decided on a photo outing to Shaw Nature Reserve and Lone Elk Park along the Highway 44 corridor.
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Mackinac island, Michigan
Posted: October 15
We drove from Harbor Springs to Mackinac City today then took the ferry to the island for the day.
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Drive to Harbor Springs, Michigan
Posted: October 14
We drove up to Harbor Springs MI today. We saw some beautiful fall colors.
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Drive to Traverse City, Michigan
Posted: October 13
We drove up the western portion of Michigan today on our way to Traverse City MI where we spent the night.
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Meijer Garden
Posted: October 12
We took the day to tour Meijer Garden and some of the town of Grand Rapids.
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grand haven, Michigan
Posted: October 11
I arrived in the Grand Rapids area a day early and decided to take a drive to Grand Haven and Holland for the day.

In Grand Haven I found the public beach area. It was pretty windy and there were quite a few folks who were kite surfing just off shore.

From there, I went to the home of my good friends Liz and Mike Margulus in Grand Rapids.
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grand Teton national park
Posted: September 7
Today we went over to Grand Teton National Park for some sunrise photos.
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Teton valley sunset
Posted: September 5
Rick Schuessler and I went out tonight to catch the sunset here in Teton Valley.
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Teton valley, Idaho
Posted: September 4
Today we spent most of the day working on home improvement projects and watched part of the first Washington University volleyball match which they won 3-0.

After those were completed, we drove the west side of Teton Valley as Rick had not seen that before.
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grand Teton national park
Posted: September 3
We drove over to Grand Teton National Park today and hiked the String-Leigh Lake trail and then hiked to the Old Patriarch Tree.
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grand Teton national park
Posted: September 2
I had an airport pickup today and I thought I would drive over early and try to catch some early morning light.
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folks who have visited
Posted: August 23
Over the years I have had many folks visit me at Casa Budde West... 137 to be exact.

Pictured left are my godson Jim Scharff, his wife Tiffany and his kids Emma, Ben and Lily.
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sunsets over the years
Posted: August 22
Over the years I have experienced some very nice sunsets here out West. I have even been able to capture some in photographs.

The past few weeks we have been having a lot of smoke from the western forest fires which makes for some pretty miserable landscape photography. But there is a "silver" lining: we have had some nice sunsets here on the west side of the Tetons that have been enhanced by the presence of the smoke.

This photo inspired me to dig through my archives for my best sunset photos to accompany it in a blog post.
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music on main
Posted: August 13
Tonight was the last Music on Main for the summer.

The music was provided by Niki Blum & The Gramblers. Good job!
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bluegrass festival
Posted: August 9
This weekend was the 28th Annual Targhee Bluegrass Festival.
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cascade canyon
Posted: August 2
Today my guests, the Alberts family, and I hiked Cascade Canyon in Grand Teton National Park.
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Yellowstone visit
Posted: July 30
The Alberts family, Dean, Shari, Megan, Alli and Ian, are making their second visit this week.

This was daughter Megan's first visit as she was not able to make the trip six years ago.

Today we visited Yellowstone National Park.
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Yellowstone adventure
Posted: July 27
My guests, Rich, Rosemary and Anna Bryniarski, and I decided to do Yellowstone today.
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Scharff visit
Posted: July 22
Jim, Tiffany, Emma, Ben and Lily Scharff drove up from their place in Granby, CO to spend some time with me.

During their visit, we hiked in Cascade Canyon in Grand Teton National Park, drove through Yellowstone National Park and spent some quality time at Casa Budde West.

A good time was had by all. As they drove away, six folks were observed to have tears in their eyes.
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Targhee fest
Posted: July 19
I attended Targhee Fest this weekend. The weather was kinda funky but I had a good time anyway.

The music was great (as usual) and there were many photo opportunities.

Of special note: on Friday, Taj Mahal was scheduled to perform the second to last set of the day. They had to cancel so Warren Haynes of Government Mule played a solo acoustic set before the whole of Government Mule closed out the night. Quite a treat!
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music on main
Posted: July 16
Tonight the New Dubliners were the feature band. They were great and the crowd loved them.

Pictured left is actress Daniela Ruah from "NCIS: Los Angeles".
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Victor Fourth of July Parade 
Posted: July 4
Today was the annual Fourth of July Parade held in Victor Idaho.

There were a lot of parade participants as well as spectators. There were marchers, horses, old cars, local activity groups and merchants in the parade. The oldest resident in the valley was also featured and got a great ovation from the spectators.

It seems everyone had a good time especially the kids. They scrambled to pick up candy being thrown by folks on the floats.
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music on main
Posted: July 2
Music on Main had more folks in attendance than last week. Unfortunately the musical group didn't "grab" me.

I had a nice conversation with actor Eric Christian Olsen's dad. Eric will be arriving in the valley tomorrow but his wife Sara and young son are on location filming a movie in which she will play Tom Cruise's wife.
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music on main
Posted: June 25
This was the first Music on Main concert for the summer.

The attendance was great. Everyone was having a good time. The band was great.
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raptor fest
Posted: June 21
I attended Raptor Fest in Wilson, WY this afternoon.

This is an annual event that is held on Father's Day. The birds are on display along with music, food and drink.
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arches national park
Posted: June 3
I spent three days in Moab, UT. On May 21 and May 23, I photographed in Arches National Park. 

I had been to Arches some twenty years ago but that was before I owned a camera.
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dead horse point state park
Posted: June 3
I photographed in Dead Horse State Park in the morning of May 22.

Here is a link to an article I ran across regarding Dead Horse Point Start Park.
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Canyonlands national park
Posted: June 3
I photographed in Canyonlands National Park the afternoon of May 22.
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Bryce canyon national park
Posted: June 3
I photographed in Bryce Canyon National Park on May 25.
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capital reef national park
Posted: June 3
I photographed in Capital Reef National Park on May 24.

I was very impressed with Capital Reef. I did not expect to be. The drive through it was a winding drive with each turn presenting another fantastic view.
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cedar breaks national monument
Posted: June 3
I photographed in Cedar Breaks National Monument on May 26.
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Utah highway 128
Posted: June 3
I photographed along Utah Highway 128 (just north of Moab) on May 23.

This drive was quite a pleasant surprise. There was some very nice scenery along the road.
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red canyon
Posted: June 3
I photographed along Red Canyon UT on May 26.

Red Canyon is on Utah Highway 12 on the way to Bryce Canyon National Park. It is a very stunning drive that include a short tunnel.

I spent quite a bit of time there working the various features for nice compositions.
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Kolob canyon - Zion national park
Posted: June 3
I photographed in the Kolob Canyon section of Zion National Park on May 27 and May 28.
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big lee birthday celebration
Posted: May 9
The St. Louis Chapter of BARF, Inc. gathered to celebrate the birthday of one of its founding members.
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st. Louis zoo
Posted: May 5
Went on a Zoo outing today. My good friend, Lee Phillion, wanted to get together to discuss photography. She has an old Canon 30D and wants to get a bit more into photography.

We talked photography in the Living World building and then went out into the Zoo for a quick photo tour.
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Teddy Scharff 1st Birthday Party
Posted: April 12
Today a party was held to celebrate the 1st birthday of one Teddy Scharff.

Teddy was wide awake all afternoon and seemed to enjoy himself immensely.
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new harmony Indiana
Posted: March 15
On the way back from Crestview Hills, KY we stopped by New Harmony to see the town and take some photos.
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photographing the milky way
Posted: March 15
I found a link to a very detailed and well written article on the topic of Photographing the Milky Way. I hope you benefit from it as much as I have.

Cincinnati, OH
Posted: March 14
Cincinnati, OH is just across the Ohio River from Kentucky so we decided to kill some time and take some photos of Cincinnati as I had never visited before.
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A step back in time
Posted: January 17
Awhile back I had driven through the neighborhood where we lived until I was nine years old. The apartment buildings were blighted but seemed to offer some bit of character to them.
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