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best photos of 2012
Posted: December 31
These photos represent my choice of the best photos I have taken this year.
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st. Louis zoo
Posted: December 3
I was itching to get out with my camera as the weather is really nice for this time of the year... 70's today. I decided to go to the Forest Park Zoo after meeting a friend for lunch in The Loop.
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Posted: November 11
I was in Chicago over the weekend following my Lady Bears volleyball team as they competed in the NCAA Regional tournament.
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UAA Championship - Emory University
Posted: November 2
This weekend was the UAA Conference tournament hosted by Emory University. The Lady Bears wound up losing to Emory, 3-1, in the championship match.
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senior weekend
Posted: October 27
This weekend was Senior weekend for the Lady Bears and our last home matches of the regular season.
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Shaw nature reserve - st. Louis
Posted: October 24
This was my first ever visit to the Shaw Nature Reserve. Unfortunately the fall colors were mostly past prime, but this is a place I will definitely visit next Fall. The colors in the photo above are not too shabby.
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forest park
Posted: October 23
Since Fall colors are about at their peak, I decided to visit Forest Park this afternoon.
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Saturday photo trip to Augusta
Posted: October 20
I decided to take a drive to Augusta MO in the hopes of catching Fall colors at their peak. The leaves were pretty close to peak and I had a good day.

I went to the Montelle Winery where there were lots of folks enjoying the wonderful weather, the Fall colors, a great band and, of course, a glass or two of wine. Oh goody. I get to take photos of pretty women.

After the winery, I drove around the area looking for some other photo ops. I was able to get both landscape and detail photos of Fall. I missed on my attempt at some old buildings as I was shooting into the sun when the sun was too high in the sky.

I moved on to the Busch Wildlife Area, drove the loop road and stopped at a number of the lakes. The above photo was taken about one hour before sunset. I post processed this in Lightroom 4.2 using some presets from Matt Kloskowski.

All in all a good day of photography!
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Smokies trip
Posted: October 14
Just returned from an excellent photo adventure to Great Smoky Mountain National Park with my good friend, Mike Margulus. The Fall colors were not as far along as we had hoped but we got some good shots.
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Georgetown, Kentucky
Posted: October 7
On the way to the Smokies, we saw a sign promoting a visit to Georgetown, KY. We decided to try it out. We found this old house and worked it for some photos.

heading to the Smokies
Posted: October 4
This coming Saturday afternoon I will be heading to Great Smoky Mountains National Park for a week long photo outing. I will be meeting up with Mike Margulus, a good friend from Grand Rapids MI.

st. Louis zoo
Posted: September 28
I visited the Forest Park Zoo today with my Canon 1-Dx camera and my 500 mm f/4 lens to see how that combination would work together. I absolutely love what that lens can do. It captures colors perfectly and it has great bokeh. LOVE that bokeh.
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st. Louis zoo
Posted: September 23
I visited the Forest Park Zoo today with my Canon 1-Dx camera and my 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens with the 1.4x TC. This is a great lens combination as a walk-around. I use it for most of my people photos.
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st. Louis zoo
Posted: September 18
Visited the St. Louis Zoo today. Nice weather.
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new camera
Posted: September 7
This morning I invested in a new camera. I purchased the Canon 1-Dx at Schiller's Camera in St. Louis. This is Canon's new top-of-the-line sports camera.
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south fork Teton canyon
Posted: September 3
Hiked the South Fork of Teton Canyon, my favorite hike on the Idaho side of the mountains. The leaves were starting to change colors.
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granite canyon
Posted: September 1
This was one of my last photo outings of the summer. My visitors were Rick & Dawn Scheussler along with Ray Schulz.

This canyon is not a popular canyon mainly because it is pretty far from the normal tourist areas but I find it to be a particularly pretty canyon. There is also a nice waterfall and a hot springs fed swimming pool to be found.

last music on main for 2012
Posted: August 16
This photo was taken at the last Music on Main concert of the summer. Music on Main once again had some great music. It also afforded the opportunity to take a good many photos of people... one of my very favorite things to do.

It has gotten to the point where kids come up to me and want me to take their picture. 
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Schwabacher landing
Posted: August 14
This photo was taken at Schwabacher Landing. I was there with my good friends Larry & Karen Kotner with whom I went to high school a few years back.

We had been taking landscape photos including the mountains and the sky in our compositions. It was very hazy due to the many western forest fires and we did not seem to be having much luck. We decided to switch to taking flower photos. I happened across a patch of thistle and caught this shot.

By the way, we wound up deleting the landscape photos from that day because, even after some post processing, we were not able to salvage the shots.

bluegrass festival
Posted: August 13
Attended the Bluegrass festival at Grand Targhee over the weekend. Great music. Great folks. Lots of fun.
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music on main
Posted: August 9
Always enjoy Music on Main. My visitors the Quirks (Mike, Judy, Jim and Jacque) joined me for the social outing.
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signal mountain lodge
Posted: August 8
My friends the Quirks were visiting. Friends of theirs (and mine) Meryl  & Barb were camping at Colter Bay. After taking Meryl & Barb for a Grand Teton National Park tour, we all decided to have dinner at Signal Mountain Lodge.
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red hills
Posted: July 20
My guests for this hike were Bruce & Betsy Canaga. Bruce has visited 14 of the 16 summers I have had my place in Driggs. We took a hike in the Red Hills east of Grand Teton National Park.

The hills were so red. The clouds were so white and the sky was so blue. Let's call it: Red, White and Blue. Sorry, I couldn't resist that.

As you can tell from the photo above, I got some great photos today. Here is an article written by Mike Jackson about this area.
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Targhee fest
Posted: July 15
This year's Targhee Fest was great as usual. Great music. Great weather. Lots of folks having fun.
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blue columbine
Posted: July 8
I decided to hike into the South Fork of Teton Canyon in search of Columbine photos as they were probably about at their peak. I found lots of flowers. With the Blue Columbine being my favorite, I wanted to try some different approaches to photographing this beautiful flower.
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music on main
Posted: June 28
The first of eight Music on Main concerts was held tonight.

The highlight of the evening for me was meeting actress Daniela Ruah frrom the TV program "NCIS: Los Angeles". The sun was going down rapidly as I noticed this extremely attractive young lady walk by me. I thought to myself that she sure looked like Daniela. As I don't mind speaking to strangers, I thought I would check this out.

My "hook" to start a conversation was that a number of years before I had seen the actor Eric Christian Olsen, her partner on the show, at Music on Main with his girlfriend actress Sarah Wright. Well it turns out that the reason Daniela was in Teton Valley was to attend Eric & Sarah's wedding the previous weekend. In fact Daniela was there that night with Eric's parents and she introduced me to them. It seems that Eric's parents bought an old barn in 2007 which they had converted to living space.
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bear lake
Posted: June 23
I was originally planning a photo outing to the Grays Lake Wildlife Refuge but I missed a turn. As I have been wanting to take a day trip to the Bear Lake area at the border of Idaho and Utah and I was almost there when I discovered I missed my turn... what the hell.

There is a
Bear Lake Wildlife Refuge and wetlands where I wound up taking photos. I got a few usable photos but I would not say the area was worthy of another visit. 
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raptor center
Posted: June 17
Each Father's Day, Teton Raptor Center in Wilson WY hosts an open house. I discovered this last year and now this is on my annual calendar. They have a number of raptors out in the open (tethered, of course) where folks can view them. The handlers will also hold the birds as folks gather around for a closer view.

At some point, a handler will let a bird fly away and then return on command. Pretty cool!

Pictured above is a Golden Eagle
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Schwabacher landing
Posted: June 6
Steve & Kathy Odenwald and I took a day to go over to Grand Teton National Park. Of course, we had to visit Schwabacher Landing. Lovely as always.

This photo is of the beaver dam with the snow covered peaks in the background. 

sand dunes - st. Anthony, id
Posted: June 3
I had always wanted to visit the St. Anthony Sand Dunes only about 45 miles from Driggs. We decided on a "down day" from hiking, so Steve, Kathy and I decided that today was the day. Nice area with some nice photo ops. I plan to return someday. 

trip west
Posted: May 30
I drove out West with Steve Odenwald. This photo is of Crowheart Butte located just southeast of Dubois WY along Highway 287. This highway offers some very nice landscapes. 

Compton heights
Posted: May 24
I can't believe I had never visited this old St. Louis neighborhood. It has some wonderful homes with this probably being the most impressive.

I checked out the Compton Heights web site. I can't believe that they hosted a neighborhood open house just the weekend before and this house was on the tour.

I marked my calendar for next year on the assumption that they host a tour each spring.

st. Louis zoo
Posted: May 13
I went for a Zoo outing today. I was set up with my Canon 500mm to take photos of the chimps (see below) when an Amish family arrived at my location. This young lady was an interesting subject so I had to get a quick snap of her (paparazzi-style). Believe me.  It is hard to be sneaky with a 500 mm lens! 
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Missouri botanical garden
Posted: May 5
Went for a photo outing to the Missouri Botanical Garden with my good friend Brian Luenemann The flowers were, as usual, very nice.

I took this photo and several others at the same time. This one came out with this weird effect. I have no idea what caused this effect. If you have any clues, let me know. I would like to be able to reproduce this effect.  
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forest park
Posted: March 16

Went to Forest Park on a photo shoot with Mike Margulus. Very early Spring to say the least.  

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Navarre beach Florida
Posted: January 31
My good friends Dave & Tonya Ferguson invited me to join them at Navarre Beach (near Pensacola) where they spend their winter months. I don't know if you have ever visited the Florida panhandle but it has some of the prettiest sand I have ever seen.
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