Landscape & Flower photography  
Canon R5 - mirrorless   Control Ring Adapter - EF to RF    
45 mega-pixel full frame         
Canon 5D - Mk IV   L-Bracket: Manfrotto MS050M4-Q2    Manfrotto 190-CXPRO4 (carbon fiber)
30 mega-pixel full frame    Review    
Ball Head: Manfrotto 468 MGRC2    Canon 24-70 mm f/2.8   Think Tank Trifecta 10 DSLR Backpack
    Standard Zoom     
  People photography  
Canon R5 - mirrorless   Control Ring Adapter - EF to RF    
45 mega-pixel full frame         
Canon 5D - Mk IV   Canon 70-200 mm f/2.8 Mk III   Canon 1.4x
30 mega-pixel full frame    Telephoto Zoom   Extender
Canon 135 f/2    Think Tank Trifecta 10 DSLR Backpack    
  Sports photography  
Canon 1Dx - Mk I   Canon 70-200 mm f/2.8 Mk III   Canon 1.4x
18 mega-pixel full frame   Telephoto Zoom   Extender
Tamron 150-600 mm f/5-6.3   Think Tank Trifecta 10 DSLR Backpack    
Super Telephoto        
  Wildlife photography  
Canon R5 - mirrorless   Control Ring Adapter - EF to RF    
45 mega-pixel full frame         
Canon 5D - Mk IV   Manfrotto 055-XPROB (aluminum)   Gimbal Head: Induro GHB2
30 mega-pixel full frame         Review
Tamron 150-600 mm f/5-6.3   Canon 500 mm f/4 - Mk I   Tamarac Expedition 9x pack
Super Telephoto   Super Telephoto    
  Post processing  
Maingear Vybe   Dell UZ2715H 27" Monitor   Western Digital MyBook Duo
        8 TB configured as RAID 1
Mac Book Pro   Off-Site external   Adobe Lightroom
     (various USB powered drives)    
Photoshop    Microsoft Expression Web 2   Topaz Studio
     (web site development)    

Topaz Studio incorporates the previous Topaz packages I own, Adjust, B&W Effects and Clarity, and adds others to the mix.

The new program uses a "layer" paradigm where each layer has sliders and controls that are applicable to the type of layer you are working on.

This way you can use multiple Topaz filters on your photo. You can also adjust the opacity of each layer as well as turn it off all together so as to better judge your post processing as you are working on a photo.
  iOS Apps  
  There are a number of apps that I use from time to time on my iPad and iPhone  
Canon Camera Connect   The Photographer's Ephemeris   Light Trac
This app allows me to mirror the Canon 5D IV Live View screen onto my iPad or iPhone and provides remote control of the camera. It also allows me to view the composition on a larger screen to aid in achieving critical focus.
A tool to help you plan outdoor photography in natural light. It is a map-centric sun and moon calculator. It allows you to see how the light will fall on the land, day and night, for any location on earth.
Used to quickly determine at what time and location the light conditions are perfect to shoot your subject outdoors. You can plan your photo shoot ahead of the time you will be shooting.
Skyview   Pinterest   My Gear Vault
Simply point your iPhone at the sky to identify stars, constellations, satellites and more.
This app is useful for planning your photography trips. You can view photos others have taken at various locations of your destination. This, along with information from other internet searches, provides a pretty efficient way to plan your trip.
A way to input and organize your gear. For each item of gear, you may input information that would be used with your insurance company in case of a loss of that gear.
Photo Pills        
Photo Pills is your personal assistant in all photographic matters. It provides tasty remedies to help you answer most of the questions when planning and shooting your creative ideas.

I don't print often. When I need a larger size print that will eventually be framed, I take a TIFF file to Schiller's Camera for a Fine Art paper or Canvas print
HP 6380 Color Printer        
Color Munki   Giottos Rocket Air Blower   Canon 420 EX Flash

I have 77mm UV filters on my 24-70mm and my 70-200mm lenses.

I also have the requisite 77 mm Polarizer, ND and graduated ND filters.
ExpoDisc White Balance Filter   Pro Master Timer Remote