Published Work
  As I am not a professional photographer, I have little occasion to publish my work other than to post it here on my web site.

What little I have published boils down to:

  * Books developed using the Lightroom "Books" module then printed publication by Blurb, and

  * Web based publishing using the Adobe Spark program
  Blurb Books  
  I will occasionally produce a Blurb book using the Book module in Lightroom. I do not try to sell these books but mainly produce them for my own use and for friends.

If you have any interest in viewing these books or simply want to see what the Book module can do, check out the links below. I don't claim to be an expert with the Book module but I think the resultant books are pretty nice.
Music in Teton Valley   Landscapes        
  Adobe Spark  
  I have recently discovered Adobe Spark. It allows one to quickly put together a very slick presentation.

Quoting from Adobe:

Adobe Spark lets you turn your next newsletter, report, invitation or travel adventure into a gorgeous visual story that delights readers on any device. Simply tap to select a unique look — beautiful fonts, color and magazine-style design are automatically incorporated. Fluid movement and elegant motion are applied instantly. Share your Spark story link anywhere. Grab attention, increase awareness and inspire action. Stand out.
  Note: this app is free to use and Adobe hosts the resultant Spark for free as well.  
Rick Budde Photography   Wash U Volleyball - 2015