Drag Photos into "Working" Collection

posted: March 20, 2015
  I have created a normal collection in the Collections panel that I have named "Working collection". This will contain the photos I have just imported into Lightroom. Using this collection, along with some Smart Collections I have created, assists me in my workflow.  
  1.  In the Library module (Grid view), select all of the photos by pressing Cmd + A (iMac) / Ctrl + A (PC)

  2. Click on the picture portion of one of these selected photos, hold down the mouse button and drag to the “Working collection” Collection in the Collections panel.

  3. The number next to “Working collection” indicates the number of photos you will be working on in the following steps in the workflow.

  4. Press Cmd + D (iMac) / Ctrl + D (PC) to deselect the photos

  5. Go to the first photo in the Collection to ready yourself for the next step.


With this “Working collection” approach and the associated Smart Collections, I can start with this step with any set of photos I want to work on.

For instance, if I want to go through the next step for photos taken on multiple shoots at the same location (because I feel I have more than I need to keep), I simply click on the “SUBJECT” Keyword that defines those photos and start this step.

For instance, if I get pressed for time and don’t complete my work on a group of photos shot on a particular date, when I do have the time, in Folders View I click on that date and start this step.

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