Lightroom Workflow
These pages detail my workflow as it relates to Adobe Lightroom. The end product of this workflow is photos that will be published and appear on my web site.
  Workflow Goals 

The goal of my workflow is to determine which photos from a shoot will go on my web site, where on the site they will go and prepare them for inclusion on the site.
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    Hardware & Software Setup 
  I use two different computers for my photography work. One is a 27” iMac and the other is an HP desktop with a 25” monitor.   
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  I backup my photo files and Lightroom catalog daily.   
  Each photo imported into Lightroom gets at least the following two keywords assigned... “Location” and “Subject”.   
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  Smart Collections

  I use Lightroom's Smart Collection feature in my workflow.  
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    Import RAW Photos
  I copy the photo files from my CF card to my hard drive using the operating system and then Import them into Lightroom from there.  
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    Keyword Location & Subject 
  In the Library module (Grid view mode or Loupe view mode), I make a first pass through the photos to make sure that all of the photos wind up with both a “Location” and “Subject” keyword.  
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    Create a Working Collection 
  I have created a normal collection in the Collections panel that I have named "Working collection". This will contain the photos I have just imported into Lightroom.  
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    Photos to Keep & Delete 
  In the Library module (Loupe view mode), my workflow for this step is to use a multi-pass approach to rate my photos. At Import, all photos have a rating of 0 stars. As I progress through each pass, the number of photos decreases based on star ratings I assign to the photos in that pass.  
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    Develop 4-5 Star Photos 
  I reduced the number of photos that need to go into the Develop module in the prior step.

Now it is time to develop those photos.
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    Assemble Blog Photos
  Photos destined for my Blog page are those photos that have a 4-star rating as well as those with a 5-star rating.   
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    Assemble 5-Star Photos
  Photos destined for my Gallery page are those photos that have a 5-star rating.   
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