Hardware & Software Setup

posted: October 25, 2018

Note: I also have a 13" MacBook Pro laptop that I use while I am on the road.

I have an 8TB Western Digital MyBook Duo external hard drive on which I store my RAW photos, the Lightroom catalog and the photo previews generated by Lightroom. As I use both my iMac and PC to run Abode Lightroom, this external hard drive has been formatted to be compatible with both the Mac and the Windows platforms. I have named this drive: "PORTFOLIO”.

With the drive formatted to run on both the iMac and PC, I can simply unplug the drive from my iMac, plug it into my PC, fire up Lightroom, open the catalog and I am ready for work on my PC.  This also works when I want to move the drive from my PC back to my iMac.

Lightroom runs fastest when the photos, catalog and previews are located on separate hard drives. This is a price I am willing to pay for the convenience of being able to work on either machine without having to go through an export and import process with my catalogs.

My RAW photo files are stored inside a folder I have called “Galleries”. This is my top level folder. Beneath this top level folder I have created other folders corresponding to “Years” expressed as a four digit number. The photos from an individual shoot are copied from my CF card(s) to folders inside the Year folder. These folders are named using the following convention:

08_11_Targhee_Fest         (Date and Location taken)