I occasionally run across a link while surfing the internet that I want to preserve for future reference.

There are many, many YouTube videos that can be searched for and viewed as well.
Camera Histograms: Tones & Contrast  
The Dark Art of Metering Making a Photograph: How to Infuse Yourself into Your Photos
Choosing Lenses: When to Use Each Lens & Why Sharp Landscapes: Hyperfocal Distances & Aperture Setting
The Basics of Nature Photography Fine Art Landscape Tips
How to Use a Light Meter to Improve Your Photography Plan a National Park Road Trip
  HDR Photography  
Spot Metering Techniques with HDR Photography  
  Special Case Photography  
How to Get Stunning Colors in Your Sunset Photography Slot Canyon Photography Tips & Techniques
  Slot Canyon Photography
Outdoor Flower Photography Tips How to Photograph Dramatic Clouds at Sunset
Shooting Portraits & Action Sports with Speedlites 8 Days in the Wind Rivers
  Post Processing  
  Lightroom - Basic Panel  
Lightroom - The Develop Module Post Processing & Photo Editing Tips for Travel Photographers
Correcting Under Exposure & Improving Dynamic Range How to Shoot & Retouch a Photo Taken into the Sun
Create Amazing Eyes How to Edit Skies in Lightroom
Pairing to Create Diptychs & Triptychs  
Introduction to Topaz Adjust