Review of My New L-Bracket  
Posted: April 11, 2013
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Today I purchased a Manfrotto L-Bracket MS050M4-Q2. I had been contemplating this for awhile.

The reason for the purchase was to provide the ability to fairly easily switch from landscape mode to portrait mode when using a ball head on my tripod. With the standard adapter plate, one had to loosen the ball, make sure the tripod was orientated so that you could rotate the camera and "hit" one of the slots in the ball head. After managing that, the camera was off to one side and was a bit "tippy" as the camera was not over the center of the tripod.

The L-bracket comes with an adaptor plate attached to each side of the L. To switch orientations, you loosen the adapter plate attaching the camera and the ball head, rotate the camera 90 degrees and attach the other adaptor plate to the ball head. The camera will always be located over the centerline of the tripod and not be tippy.

Works great!


The only downside is that you must remove to L-Plate from the camera in order to have access to the battery compartment for recharging. I find that if you loosen the attachment screw just a bit, you can rotate the bracket to allow access. That way you don't have to go through the initial adjustment process each time you charge your battery.
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