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Emma Scharff birthday party
Posted: October 08, 2017
Bob & Martha Scharff hosted a birthday party for their grand daughter Emma who turned 14 today. A lot of family were in attendance.
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alli alberts BRIDAL shower
Posted: September 09, 2017
I was the official photographer at Alli Alberts' bridal shower today... and the only guy in attendance!
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raptor fest
Posted: June 18, 2017
Raptor Fest was held in Jackson this year on the Snow King softball fields. As usual, it was very well attended.
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Chanukah party
Posted: December 30, 2016
Dan, Lily, Hattie & Teddy Scharff hosted their annual Chanukah party. It was well attended by family and friends.
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Christmas eve party
Posted: December 25, 2016
Jim & Tiffany Scharff hosted their annual Christmas Eve party. It was well attended by family and friends.

Pictured at left is Lily Scharff.
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Chicago visit
Posted: October 17, 2016
I was in Chicago over the weekend to attend Matt Odenwald's wedding. While I was there I stayed with Alli Alberts and her fiancée Doug,

Alli wanted me to take some photos of the newly engaged couple at a number of locations around town.
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fourth of July parade - victor, id
Posted: July 4, 2016
As usual, this was a great event attended by a large crowd lining Main Street in Victor.
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raptor fest
Posted: June 19, 2016
Each year on Father's Day, a family event is held at the Teton Raptor Center. I try to attend every year as it gives me the opportunity to take some photos of the raptors on display.

The tradition of face painting for kids makes for some great photos as well.

When I left the event, I decided to drive Spring Gulch Road to at least scout for future locations. I found one and took a photo. I would like to go back under less contrasty lighting and retake the photo.
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teddy's second birthday
Posted: April 17, 2016
Today we celebrated Teddy Scharff's second birthday. Teddy invited members from his pre-school class and family.

We started out with a tour of the Clayton Fire House. The kids got a chance to have their photos taken on the equipment. Afterwards we all went to Imo's for pizza and birthday cake.

Note: I used the Canon 135 f/2 lens for these photos.
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folks who have visited
Posted: August 23, 2015
Over the years I have had many folks visit me at Casa Budde West... 137 to be exact.

Pictured left are my godson Jim Scharff, his wife Tiffany and his kids Emma, Ben and Lily.
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Victor Fourth of July Parade 
Posted: July 4, 2015
Today was the annual Fourth of July Parade held in Victor Idaho.

There were a lot of parade participants as well as spectators. There were marchers, horses, old cars, local activity groups and merchants in the parade. The oldest resident in the valley was also featured and got a great ovation from the spectators.

It seems everyone had a good time especially the kids. They scrambled to pick up candy being thrown by folks on the floats.
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raptor fest
Posted: June 21, 2015
I attended Raptor Fest in Wilson, WY this afternoon.

This is an annual event that is held on Father's Day. The birds are on display along with music, food and drink.
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Teddy Scharff 1st Birthday Party
Posted: April 12, 2015
Today a party was held to celebrate the 1st birthday of one Teddy Scharff.

Teddy was wide awake all afternoon and seemed to enjoy himself immensely.
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raptors on the ranch
Posted: August 3, 2013
This was the second annual version of this event. I was once again asked by my good friend Emily Nichols to come take photos. She used the photos I took last year in their promotional and communications literature.
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fourth of July - Jackson, wy
Posted: July 4, 2013
I usually try to make it over to Jackson for the annual Fourth of July Parade. Lots of interesting photo opportunities present themselves.
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raptor fest
Posted: June 16, 2013
This was my third year to attend Raptor Fest at the Teton Raptor Center in Wilson, WY. Horned owl pictured above. 
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Matt & Julie's Excellent Wedding
Posted: July 30, 2011
My good friends Matt Hail and Julie Reggio got married today. Julie requested that I bring my camera and take candid photos.
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raptor fest
Posted: June 19, 2011
This annual event is held on Father's Day.

You get to see Birds of Prey up close, get to see some of them fly, good food to eat and music to boot.
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concert at the spud
Posted: July 24, 2010
This was my first music concert at our drive-in theatre, The Spud.

Pictured are my good friends Matt Hail and Julie Reggio.
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fourth of July - Jackson hole
Posted: July 4, 2010
This was my first trip over to Jackson for their annual Fourth of July parade. Lots of photo ops.
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antler auction
Posted: May 22, 2010
Each year the local Boy Scout troops collect these antlers from the Elk Refuge.

The proceeds from the auction help fund scouting as well as the Elk Refuge.
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'barf' visit
Posted: July 14, 2007
What is a BARF?
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south beach
Posted: January 8, 2005
While visiting my good friends John & Teri Mason at their home in Boca Raton, we decided to make a trip down to South Beach. This was my first ever visit to South Beach. Nice area.
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