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  Powder Valley - Shadowbrook

The Powder Valley-Shadowbrook development is located just outside of Driggs Idaho along Ski Hill Road... the road from town that goes to the Grand Targhee Ski & Summer Resort.

Overall the complex includes 43 townhouses (eleven in Shadowbrook) and a small pond. The condos on the Powder Valley side of the development are six to a building. On the Shadowbrook side, we have two condos to a building.

  Casa Budde West  

Casa Budde West is a three story townhouse built in 1996. It has three bedrooms and 3-1/2 baths.

I have made some upgrades over the years. In 2007, I installed air conditioning for those few times that it gets hot enough to require it. In 2009, I replaced the toilets with new ones and the three decks with Trex.

In 2016, I had the dining room and living room windows replaced with picture window and roller shades. Now the outside comes inside!

  1. high speed internet connection (DSL) with a wireless network. I bring my laptop which usually resides on the dining room table. You are welcome to use it to meet your computing needs while visiting.

  2. desktop PC and printer are in the loft so you can print boarding passes for your departing flight.

  3. 55" 4K TV hooked up to DirecTV in the living room. There is a combo DVD/VHS player and a surround sound audio system.

  4. 40" HDTV hooked to DirecTV in the loft. There is a DVD player attached to it.