canon 'camera connect' app
Posted: November 06, 2016
The Canon 5D IV comes equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi capability and a free companion app called Camera Connect may be downloaded to remotely operate the camera using a Smartphone or other device. In the past, a separate device would have to be purchased to provide this capability for the camera.

Having these tools readily available and a communication connection established, for all intents and purposes the device becomes your Live View screen.
topaz 'b&W effects' software
Posted: December 11, 2014
Topaz Labs offers a number of plug-ins for Lightroom and Photoshop. My favorite is Topaz Clarity but Topaz B&W is quite good when you want a stand-out black and white treatment for a specific photo and don't want to put too much time into making it happen. 

Nik (now owned by Google) also has what I understand is an outstanding product for this purpose. I have not used that product.
gimbal head
Posted: FEBRUARY 16, 2014
I just purchased an Induro GHB2 Gimbal Head and love it! With my Manfrotto Ball Head it was difficult to maneuver my Canon 500 mm lens.

The Induro makes this operation a breeze. For those of you not familiar with the gimbal concept, a gimbal head rotates a lens around its center of gravity, thus allowing for easy and smooth manipulation while tracking moving subjects. This proves useful in wildlife photography as well as in any other case where very long and heavy telephoto lenses are used.
topaz 'clarity' software
Posted: May 28, 2013
I have done some "Before and After" tests with the new Clarity software and thought I would share my initial impressions by way of some examples from some of my recent shoots. For the following photos, I applied presets and did not go into the sliders and masking features of the program.
Posted: April 11, 2013
Today I purchased a Manfrotto L-Bracket MS050M4-Q2. I had been contemplating this for awhile.

The reason for the purchase was to provide the ability to fairly easily switch from landscape mode to portrait mode when using a ball head on my tripod. With the standard adapter plate, one had to loosen the ball, make sure the tripod was orientated so that you could rotate the camera and "hit" one of the slots in the ball head. After managing that, the camera was off to one side and was a bit "tippy" as the camera was not over the center of the tripod.