Matt K Post Processing My Old Patriarch Tree Photo
During the down time necessitated by the Crono Virus pandemic, I watched tons of videos and webcasts on a variety of topics. Quite a few of the webcasts I watched were hosted by Matt Kloskowski (www.MattK.Com) who is an educator in the field of photography software. Matt took this as an opportunity to engage folks on a variety of topics. These webcasts were widely followed and quite informative.
One set of Matt's webcasts were dedicated to Matt post processing folks submitted photos. He requested that the photos be in the RAW format so that he had the maximum amount of captured data available to work with.
I submitted what I consider to be the best photo I have ever taken... "Old Patriarch Tree on a Foggy Morning". Check out Matt's edit in the video below.
Note: make sure your browser window is maximized so that this Blog page covers your whole computer screen. You can then view the photo on the left as it is being edited but also the Lightroom Develop module sliders on the right as he adjusts them.