Grand Teton National Park

Posted: june 23, 2013

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I went to Grand Teton National Park today with my friend Thomas. Since last summer, Thomas and I have being trying to work out a time to go take photos.
Thomas will be leaving Driggs for New York where his wife Kinh is in the process of setting up their restaurant. Kinh wants to feature a panoramic photo of the Tetons in the restaurant as they plan to have "Teton" in the name of the restaurant. So our big objective for the day was to capture a nice panoramic image for the restaurant.
Thomas is not an experienced photographer but owns a Canon 60D. On the drive over to Grand Teton National Park, I tried to educate him in some of the principles of photography and explained the difference between crop & full frame cameras as well as RAW versus JPEG file formats.
Kinh has their 60D with her in New York so I brought along my Canon 1D-III as well as my Canon 1D-X so we could each have a camera to use.
We started out shooting day at the Blacktail Ponds Overlook hoping to get some nice panoramic shots of the Teton Range. I continued my tutelage of Thomas by talking to the subjects of composition, trying to further emphasize the use of different aperture settings and how to use a tripod to advantage.
This photo was taken by me at that location. Since Thomas was using my 24-70mm lens, I had to make do with my 70-200mm.
Our next destination was the overlook just south of the turnoff to Swabacher Landing where we took some more panoramic photos.
As I felt we probably had enough panoramic photos to choose from for the restaurant, we headed into Grand Teton National Park to the turnoff to String-Leigh Lakes. I enjoy taking photos just across the main road from that turnoff as it affords some photo ops that are not like all the other Grand Teton photos you see repeated again and again.
We walked that area and each took many photos in that location. By that time, we had transitioned to sharing one camera with the 24-70mm lens.
Ok that has been the good news of the day.
When I got home and downloaded the photos from the two cameras I was pressed for time as I was scheduled to have dinner with some other friends. Long story short, I lost all of the photos that we took in our last two locations.
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