Casa Budde West Construction - 1996
I was looking through some old photos and I ran across some photos that were taken during the early days of Casa Budde West. I thought some of you who have visited recently might enjoy these.
That's Casa Budde West on the left. It was just the concrete foundation when I put a contract on it in April.
The backyard berm under construction. The mountains are no longer visible from the ground level as the trees have grown to obstruct the view.
Laying down the landscaping fabric. Check the rainbow.
Berm is complete (foreground). Construction on the Powder Valley side. Pond and mountains are not now visible due to growth of trees.
Side berm as completed by the developer. With my additional plantings and subsequent growth, this is now a jungle! Very private.
Front yard. The Blue Spruce tree in the center of the photo is now three stories tall.
Red John and Hank planting my Cut-Leaf Birch tree on the side berm. Actually, Hank is doing the planting. Red John is just being Red John.