Fireworks at Huntsman Springs

Posted: june 29, 2013

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Yeah. I know it isn't The Fourth yet. The Huntsman Springs folks who put on our fireworks here in Teton Valley insist that it happen the weekend before the Fourth.
I had really never shot fireworks with a dSLR before so I went out to YouTube looking for some pointers. There were a number of clips out there with what turned out to be some good advice.
The advice and then some of the photos. Advice is basically as follows:
1. Use a tripod and a cable release,
2. Set the camera to Manual mode,
3. Using a wide angle lens (I used my 24-70mm), set Focus to Manual Focus,
4. Manually focus lens to infinity,
5. Set camera to ISO 200 and aperture somewhere around f/5.6 to f/8. I used f/8,
6. Set shutter speed to between 2 and 30 seconds. I used 4 seconds,
7. During the first few displays set your composition and then leave it there,
8. Click the cable release when you first see a particular display projectile leave the ground. With the long shutter speed you don't have to be too precise.
I found a few other tips to be helpful:
1. Bring a comfortable portable chair to sit on,
2. Bring your iPod with some good tunes
I was stationed pretty far away to avoid parking and traffic problems so my trusty 70-200mm would have been a better lens choice.
• Canon 1D-X, f/5.6, 4 sec, 43mm, ISO 200 •
You probably cannot tell with photos this small but these photos are really blurry. It looked so easy on  the YouTube videos. What went wrong?
I suspect that the shutter speed was too slow. I hope to test this theory with the Jackson fireworks if I get the chance.
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