Photo Walk - Teton Land Trust

Posted: june 22, 2013

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The Teton Regional Land Trust sponsored a "photo walk" at their most recent property, a four hundred acre parcel of land along the Teton River. It was being headed by Loren Nelson, a Jackson photographer, whom, I had met via email over this past winter.
While I was working the above composition, the super moon appeared. I had not been thinking that this was THE night for this event and thus had not planned anything in advance.
This was just a quick shot I took of the super moon rising.
The Teton Land Trust is a nonprofit organization that works to conserve the natural and agricultural heritage of the Teton region in Idaho and Wyoming. Founded in 1990, the trust has protected over 40,000 acres of land through voluntary conservation easements and partnerships with landowners, communities, and other conservation groups. The trust's mission is to ensure that the scenic beauty, wildlife habitat, and working farms and ranches of the Teton region remain intact for future generations. The trust also provides education and outreach programs to raise awareness and appreciation of the region's natural resources and conservation values.
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