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Summer of 2006: broken wrist
I'm an amateur photographer based in St. Louis. I retired at the end of 1993 and have dedicated myself to enjoying my life and friends.

In 1996, I sold my rental property on Longboat Key in Florida and swapped it for a townhome in Driggs Idaho. Now I spend my summers there in close proximity to Grand Teton National Park (50 miles) and Yellowstone National Park (100 miles).

I have always enjoyed working with computers and developing this web site provides the means to share two of the passions I have developed since I retired... Photography and Casa Budde West.
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EMail  RickBudde@Charter.Net Cell Phone  (314) 725-6696
Physical & Mail Address (Sep - May) Physical Address Only (Jun - Aug)
6760 Corbitt Ave. 536 Shadowbrook Lane
St. Louis, MO 63130 Driggs, ID 83422
  Note: I am NOT able to receive USPS mail in Driggs. It will be returned to you.
Photography This interest started in 2003 with my first digital camera...a Fuji FinePix 3 mega-pixel camera.

Prior to that the only cameras I had ever owned were a Brownie Hawkeye when I was young and a $90 point-and-shoot Nikon film camera that I purchased in 1997. I have made a number of digital camera upgrades over the years (Canon Pro1, Canon 30D, Canon 1D-III, Canon 1Dx and Canon 5D IV). As you can see from my current gear list, I have a "big hole" to throw my money into!

I enjoy many types of photography but I have received my most positive feedback regarding my photographs of people. I have always been a people watcher at heart and I guess that is reflected in my photos.
  Rick Budde quotes about my photography:

"If you take enough pictures you are bound to come up with a few good photographs" 

Did you get any good pictures? "I won't know until I get home to my computer" 
Casa Budde West During my working life, I would vacation from time to time in Grand Teton National Park (my 1975 Journal). Over time, I developed a dream to someday purchase property in the Tetons. In 1996, that dream became a reality when I purchased a brand new townhouse in Driggs, ID which is 35 miles from Jackson, WY. I now spend late-May through the first week in September there.

I absolutely enjoy the beautiful scenery, hiking, music, photography and entertaining visitors. But what I enjoy most is the lack of heat and humidity in the summer.

I would love to have you visit me some summer in Driggs. I have had over 140 different people visit me over the years. A number of those visit every summer (Steve & Kathy, Bill & Jane, Bruce and Rick). I truly enjoy having visitors.
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