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Email    RickBudde@Charter.Net
Cell      (314) 725-6696

Physical & Mail Address (Sep-May)
6760 Corbitt Ave
St. Louis, MO 63130

Physical Address only (June-August)
536 Shadowbrook Lane
Driggs, ID 83422
  This web site provides the opportunity to share two of the passions I have developed since retiring in 1994... Photography and Casa Budde West.


In retirement, I have developed an interest in photography. It started with my first digital camera in 2003... a Fuji FinePix 3 mega-pixel camera. After a number of upgrades over the years, I now shoot with a Canon EOS-1D X.

I enjoy taking landscape and animal photos but I really enjoy my candid photos of people. I have made a number of new friends by first taking their photo and then starting a conversation with them.

Casa Budde West

During my working life, I would vacation from time to time in Grand Teton National Park (1975 Journal). I developed a dream to some day purchase property in the Tetons. In 1996, that dream became a reality when I purchased a brand new townhouse in Driggs, Idaho which is 35 miles from Jackson, Wyoming. I now spend late-May through the first week of September there.

I enjoy the absolutely beautiful scenery, hiking, photography and entertaining visitors. But mostly I enjoy the lack of heat and humidity in the summer. I would love to have you visit me in Driggs some summer. I truly enjoy having visitors.

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